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This is my Open Track Leap Motion #3DJam entry. This project was #MadeWithUnity3d as a solo project without collaboration.

Using a Leap Motion controller your right hand wields a mighty spatula. So you better hurry up and get to flippin' those burgers... but be careful not to burn them! Also please mind this old wonky grill, it has a few hot spots that are guaranteed to speed up cooking a lot.

Play as an outrageous Burger Chef in this modern culinary tactical puzzle masterpiece!

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Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorFire Hazard
Tags3D, 3djam, Arcade, Experimental, Leap Motion, puzzle
Player countSingleplayer


burgerflip-Win_x86_64-110215-0909.zip (56 MB)
burgerflip-Linux_x86_64-110215-2130.zip (39 MB)
burgerflip-NewMacBuild-x86-64.app.zip (29 MB)


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OSX build now working!

The OSX archive seems to be corrupt, it will not extract.

(Edited 2 times)

Hey sorry about that! Putting up a new one right now... I suspect this is actually a .APP file and somehow got renamed / mixed up in the process... Confirmed yea Itch thought it needed to be a zip, do me a solid and either try renaming that package .APP or downloading the new one! Sorry again